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Advanced Flow Solutions segment:
Advanced Flow Solutions is a diversified flow control technology platform. Our primary product focus areas are valves, actuation, motors, switches, high pressure pneumatic systems, steam and process loop flow management solutions. AFS products are used in aerospace, defense, power and process, and general industrial markets. These products are primarily focused on the following end markets: Aerospace and Defense, Power and Process, HVAC, Maritime and Industrial Gas. We plan to grow Advanced Flow Solutions by increasing market share in existing and new markets through exceptional sales and customer service enabled by innovative, reliable and high quality solutions. Product portfolio expansion through acquisitions of differentiated technologies in current and adjacent applications is also a key part of our growth strategy
Energy segment:
Energy is a global provider of highly engineered integrated flow control solutions, valves and services primarily in the Oil & Gas end market. We are focused on satisfying our customers’ mission-critical application needs by utilizing advanced technologies. Our flow control solutions can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, including land-based, topside, and sub-sea applications. Energy is growing its product offering in the severe service sector, which includes applications such as process control, oil sands, pressure control and cryogenic applications. We plan to grow Energy by expanding our capabilities in Oil & Gas – upstream, mid-stream and downstream, including through acquisitions.

RigNet, Inc. (RNET) : Segment


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Managed Services:

The Managed Services segment provides remote communications services for offshore and onshore drilling rigs and production facilities, as well as, support vessels and other remote sites. The Managed Services segment primarily operates out of the Company’s United States, United Kingdom, Norway, Qatar, UAE, Singapore, Brazil and Mexico based offices for customers globally.

Systems Integration and Automation (SI&A):

The SI&A segment provides customized solutions for customer’s telecommunications systems. SI&A solutions are delivered based on the customer’s specifications, in addition to international industry standards and best practices. SI&A project elements may include consultancy services, design, engineering, project management, procurement, testing, installation, commissioning and maintenance services. The SI&A segment primarily operates out of the Company’s Aberdeen, Houston and Monterrey offices for customers globally.

Innophos Holdings, Inc. (IPHS) : Segment


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The Company discloses certain financial and supplementary information about its reportable segments, revenue by products and revenues by geographic area. Operating segments are defined as components of an enterprise about which separate discrete financial information is evaluated regularly by the chief operating decision maker, in order to decide how to allocate resources and assess performance. Prior to 2016, the primary performance indicators for the chief operating decision maker were sales and operating income. As of January 1, 2016, the primary performance indicators for the chief operating decision maker as of 2016 are sales and EBITDA and all prior periods have been recasted to reflect the change from operating income to EBITDA. All references to sales in this Form 10-K, either on a ship-from or ship-to basis, are on the same basis of revenue recognition and are recognized when title and risk of loss passes to the customer, which occurs either upon shipment or delivery, depending upon the agreed sales terms with customers.
The Company’s reportable segments reflect the core businesses in which Innophos operates and how it is managed. The Company reports its core specialty phosphates business separately from granular triple super-phosphate, or GTSP, and other non-specialty phosphate products (GTSP & Other). Our nutritional ingredients business is included in the Specialty Phosphates US & Canada segment and in the Specialty Ingredients product line. Specialty Phosphates consists of three products lines: Specialty Ingredients; Food & Technical Grade PPA; and STPP & Detergent Grade PPA. GTSP & Other includes fertilizer co-product GTSP and other non-specialty phosphate products.

Universal American Corp. (UAM) : Segment


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Our business segments are based on product and consist of

Medicare Advantage; and


Our remaining segment, Corporate & Other, reflects the activities of our holding company, our prior participation in the New York Health Benefits Exchange, known as the Exchange, and other ancillary operations. Effective January 1, 2015, we are no longer participating in the Exchange. A description of our business segments is as follows:

Medicare Advantage—The Medicare Advantage segment contains the operations of our initiatives in managed care for seniors.

  • HMO Plans: Our HMO plans are offered under contracts with CMS and provide all basic Medicare covered benefits with reduced member cost-sharing as well as additional supplemental benefits, including a defined prescription drug benefit. We built this coordinated care product around contracted networks of providers who, in cooperation with the health plan, coordinate an active medical management program.
  • In connection with the HMOs, we operate separate Medicare Advantage Management Service Organizations that manage that business and affiliated Independent Physician Associations or IPAs. We participate in the net results derived from these affiliated IPAs.
  • PPO Plans: Our PPO plans are offered under contracts with CMS and provide all basic Medicare covered benefits with reduced member cost-sharing as well as additional supplemental benefits, including a defined prescription drug benefit. This coordinated care product is built around contracted networks of providers who, in cooperation with the health plan, coordinate an active medical management program.
  • PFFS Plans: Our PFFS plans are offered under contracts with CMS and provide enhanced health care benefits compared to traditional Medicare, subject to cost sharing and other limitations. These plans have limited provider network restrictions, which allow the members to have more flexibility in the delivery of their health care services than other Medicare Advantage plans with limited provider network restrictions. Some of these products include a defined prescription drug benefit.

MSO—Our MSO segment supports our physician partnerships in the development of value-based healthcare models, such as ACOs, with a variety of capabilities and resources including technology, analytics, clinical care coordination, regulatory compliance and program administration. This segment includes our CHS subsidiary and affiliated ACOs. CHS works with physicians and other healthcare professionals to operate ACOs under the Medicare Shared Savings Program. CHS provides these ACOs with care coordination, analytics and reporting, technology and other administrative capabilities to enable participating providers to deliver better care and lower healthcare costs for their Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries. The Company provides funding to CHS to support the operating activities of CHS and the ACOs.

We report intersegment revenues and expenses on a gross basis in each of the operating segments but eliminate them in the consolidated results. These intersegment revenues and expenses affect the amounts reported on the individual financial statement line items, but we eliminate them in consolidation and they do not change income before taxes. The most significant items eliminated relate to interest on intercompany loans which cross segments.






Green Plains, Inc. (GPRE) : Segment


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As a result of acquisitions during the year, the company implemented organizational changes during the fourth quarter of 2016, whereby the company management now reports the financial and operating performance for the following four operating segments: (1) ethanol production, which includes the production of ethanol, distillers grains and corn oil, (2) agribusiness and energy services, which includes grain handling and storage and marketing and merchant trading for company-produced and third-party ethanol, distillers grains, corn oil and other commodities, (3) food and food ingredients, which includes the vinegar operations and cattle feedlot operations and (4) partnership, which includes fuel storage and transportation services. Prior periods have been reclassified to conform to the revised segment presentation.


Under GAAP, when transferring assets between entities under common control, the entity receiving the net assets initially recognizes the carrying amounts of the assets and liabilities at the date of transfer. The transferee’s prior period financial statements are restated for all periods its operations were part of the parent’s consolidated financial statements. On July 1, 2015, Green Plains Partners received ethanol storage and railcar assets and liabilities in a transfer between entities under common control. Effective January 1, 2016, the partnership acquired the storage and transportation assets of the Hereford and Hopewell production facilities in a transfer between entities under common control and entered into amendments to the related commercial agreements with Green Plains Trade. The transferred assets and liabilities are recognized at the company’s historical cost and reflected retroactively in the segment information of the consolidated financial statements presented in this Form 10-K. The partnership’s assets were previously included in the ethanol production and agribusiness and energy services segments. Expenses related to the ethanol storage and railcar assets, such as depreciation, amortization and railcar lease expenses, are also reflected retroactively in the following segment information. There were no revenues related to the operation of the ethanol storage and railcar assets in the partnership segment prior to their respective transfers to the partnership, when the related commercial agreements with Green Plains Trade became effective.


Corporate activities include selling, general and administrative expenses, consisting primarily of compensation, professional fees and overhead costs not directly related to a specific operating segment.


During the normal course of business, the operating segments do business with each other. For example, the agribusiness and energy services segment procures grain and natural gas and sells products, including ethanol, distillers grains and corn oil for the ethanol production segment. The partnership segment provides fuel storage and transportation services for the agribusiness and energy services segment. These intersegment activities are treated like third-party transactions with origination, marketing and storage fees charged at estimated market values. Consequently, these transactions affect segment performance; however, they do not impact the company’s consolidated results since the revenues and corresponding costs are eliminated.



ArcBest Corporation (ARCB) : Segment


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Asset-Based segment:

Asset-Based (formerly the Freight Transportation segment), which includes the results of operations of ABF Freight System, Inc. and certain other subsidiaries. The operations include, national, inter-regional, and regional transportation of general commodities through standard, expedited, and guaranteed LTL services. In addition, the segment operations include freight transportation related to certain consumer household goods self-move services.

ArcBest segment:

ArcBest, which represents the combined operations of the former Premium Logistics (Panther), Transportation Management (ABF Logistics), and Household Goods Moving Services (ABF Moving) segments. The ArcBest segment includes the results of operations of the Company’s businesses which provide: expedite freight transportation services; premium logistics services; third-party truckload and truckload-dedicated brokerage; international freight transportation with air, ocean, and ground service offerings; household goods moving services to commercial and government customers; warehousing management and distribution services; and managed transportation solutions.

FleetNet segment:

FleetNet (formerly the Emergency & Preventative Maintenance segment) includes the results of operations of FleetNet America, Inc. and certain other subsidiaries that provide roadside assistance and maintenance management services for commercial vehicles through a network of third-party service providers. FleetNet provides services to the Asset-Based and ArcBest segments.