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Snowball Research was born from a passion to find an alternative way to filter ideas. Using click of the mouse, complicated & hard to find data can be extracted from “Big 3” database providers. What about qualitative screening?

Consider “CEO change” – you can pretty much compile the list of CEOs appointed in a particular time period and apply plethora of data check to filter down the list. But what about companies that took pain in appointing a CEO who has proven track record of creating shareholder value? There is no way for a quantitative screen to pick the stock, except by “pure luck”.

This is exactly what Snowball Research focuses. We focus on a niche qualitative screens.

We focus exclusively on Idea Generation

  • It is not the scarcity of “money”, rather it is the scarcity of “time” which underscores the importance of idea generation.
  • Even if a fund manager has army of analysts and huge research budget, he is still required to “prioritize” the stock to spend time researching and thinking. Thats where “filters” play a significant role.

Our qualitative filters increases “odds” of success

Snowball Research try to focus on filtering companies where the odds of success are “high”. Sometimes we monitor companies for several months/ years before alerting it out members.

  • A company which has appointed a new CEO with turnaround experience increases the “odds” of executiving strategy.
  • A Company which has experienced a “majority Board change” and “Management change” increases the “odds” of executing the strategy outlined by the activist.
  • A company that emerge from accounting problems increases the “odds” of experiencing increase in stock price.

No conflict of interest

  • Snowball Research do not provide investment banking or investor relations or corporate finance service. Nothing clouds our judgement.
    We do not undertake competing services from our clients

Our Team


Head of Research



Murali Raj Bharathi

Senior Analyst


Senior Analyst

Irudaya Raj

Data Analyst

About our founder


Raghu Raman founded March Intelligence Research & Snowball Research in the year 2013. Prior to that, he worked as a Senior Investment Analyst for Nadel and Gussman, LLC, a family office, reporting to the fund manager, from 2006 to 2013. While working for Nadel and Gussman LLC, he was responsible for idea generation, scuttlebutt research and contributed significantly to outperform the benchmark index. He built a team of analysts from scratch and also successfully managed the operations and IT departments. Prior to that, he worked for Resurgence Investment Management (formerly Kubare Financial Analysts Pvt Ltd), a multi-billion dollar event driven hedge fund advisor based in Chennai, India. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, with specialization in Computer Science from St. Xavier’s College, Palayamkottai, India and is a CFA (ICFAI) charter holder. He consistently secured the 1st rank throughout the three years of his under-graduate studies. He is a member of World Sky Trust (SKY). He resides in Chennai, India.

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