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Shareholder Activism Analytics

What we do

Every day, we comb through all 13Ds, 13D/A and all other activist filings like non-management filings. We summarize the situation and prepare reports only when the situation is “significant”. Our online database includes activist profiles, letters and presentations sent by activists and screening.

5 Ways you are benefitted

1. Save your time

Every year, more than 10,000 13D, 13D/A and other activist filings are filed. It is prohibitively time consuming to dig through all the filings. We save your time by compiling “significant” filings and by summarizing the entire situation.

2. Screen for ideas

We segregate all activist situations using “qualitative” and “quantitative” parameters. This will aid the members in their effort to find ideas.

3. Valuation Insight

Few activist investors share their insight about the valuation of the company. We have a dedicated page which tracks and monitors such filings.

4. Activist profiles
  • Profiles of activist investors
  • Letters and presentations filed by activists


Our objective is to deliver “hard to find information” to our members, which will give them a “competitive edge” and reduce “search cost” of finding mispriced securities.



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