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Audit Red Flag Analytics

What we do

We monitor Auditor changes, restatements, DOJ investigation and subpoena for companies within $50 mm to $2 billion market capitalization. We summarize the situation and highlight red flags. We also monitor late filings and prepare reports for “significant” situation.

5 Ways you are benefitted

1. Uncover Red Flags

While various service providers focus on providing data, we highlight companies that pose significant audit risks.

2. Uncover hidden opportunities

Sometimes companies overcome red flag without any “permanent damage”. In some cases, federal investigations are closed without any fine or legal proceedings. By keeping track of the latest update, you can uncover hidden opportunities easily.

3. Connecting dots

Unlike others, we do not view each red flags “individually”. We try to connect dots. For example, we monitor “CFO and Auditor changes” together.

4. Save time

Every year, more than 10,000 filings pertaining audit red flags (that we monitor) are filled. It is prohibitively time consuming to dig through all the filings. We save your time by compiling and creating reports.

5. Screening
  • Re-statements
  • DOJ
  • Subponea
  • Significant Auditor change
  • Significant late filers
  • CFO and Auditor change


Our objective is to deliver “hard to find information” to our members, which will give them a “competitive edge” and reduce “search cost” of finding mispriced securities.



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