| Shareholder Activism

August 2016 : Significant activist filings

  • Zero in M. Cap indicates that the company is no longer traded.
  • M. Cap is as on filing date.

wdt_IDDateCompany nameTicker M.Cap ($, mm)Filer nameTitleLink
1 18 Aug 2016 ALTISOURCE ASSET MANAGEMENT CORP AAMC 24 LUXOR CAPITAL GROUP, LP Luxor Capital Group increased its stake after gaining Board seat in Altisource Asset Management Corporation Link
2 15 Aug 2016 BIG 5 SPORTING GOODS CORP BGFV 288 STADIUM CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC Stadium Capital entered into an amendment to settlement agreement with Big 5 Sporting Goods Corp. Link
3 05 Aug 2016 CHESAPEAKE ENERGY CORP CHK 3,191 ICAHN CARL C After securing Board seat, Carl Icahn reduced his stake in Chesapeake Energy Corporation Link
4 29 Aug 2016 EVINE LIVE INC VVTV 101 CANNELL CAPITAL LLC, CLINTON GROUP INC Cannell Capital reduced its stake below 5% in Evine Live Link
5 15 Aug 2016 FIRST FINANCIAL NORTHWEST INC FFNW 179 STILWELL JOSEPH Stilwell Group sold its stake in First Financial Northwest Link
6 30 Aug 2016 FIRST TRUST DIVIDEND & INCOME FUND FAV (Acquired) 0 BULLDOG INVESTORS, LLC Bulldog supports First Trust Dividend merger and increases stake Link
7 12 Aug 2016 FULL CIRCLE CAPITAL CORP FULL (Acquired) 0 SIMS CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC SIMS Capital Management suggests the liquidation of Full Circle Capital Link
8 03 Aug 2016 GASTAR EXPLORATION INC GST 115 GLOBAL UNDERVALUED SECURITIES MASTER FUND LP Global Undervalued Securities Master Fund trimmed its stake after joining the Board of Gastar Exploration in March 2014 Link
9 25 Aug 2016 HEALTHWAREHOUSECOM INC HEWA 16 RX INVESTOR VALUE CORP MVI Partners nominates one Board candidate in HealthWarehouse.com while Lloyd Miller disposed his significant stake Link
10 12 Aug 2016 LIFELOCK INC LOCK (Acquired) 0 ELLIOTT ASSOCIATES, L.P. Elliott Associates increased its active stake in LifeLock Link