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Since the companies in micro/small cap stocks (US listed) are under-researched and under-followed, they tend to be inefficiently priced. This page contains random notes about the moat, management quality, industry, risk, portfolio managers, shareholder activism etc. Except shareholder activism, the focus is on the US-listed companies between $50 million to $2 billion market capitalization. Also, companies that generate less than $25 million in revenue are ignored. If you have any comments, I can be reached at Thank you.

Eight insightful letters sent by Roumell Asset Management

I’ve compiled the list of “interesting” excerpts from his letters. Also, the complete letters can be found in the “exhibits” section. The purpose of reading this? Readers can use it for “idea generation” and to improve their research skills.



Our objective is to deliver “hard to find information” to our members, which will give them a “competitive edge” and reduce “search cost” of finding mispriced securities.



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