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Comtech Telecommunications Corp. : Signs of moat

by | May 12, 2020

The company offers advanced, secure wireless communication technologies with expertise in the satellite communications and cellular markets. The company’s Commercial Solutions segment (53% of total revenue) offers satellite ground station technologies (such as modems and amplifiers) and public safety and location technologies (such as 911 call routing and mapping solutions). The company’s Government Solutions segment (47% of total revenue) provides mission-critical technologies (such as tactical satellite-based networks and ongoing support for complicated communication networks) and high-performance transmission technologies (such as troposcatter systems and solid-state, high-power amplifiers).

  • Huge market share in 911 calls/text: As per the Q2 2020 IR presentation, the company enjoys a 50% market share of wireless 911 calls. In 1996, the FCC issued an order requiring wireless carriers to determine and transmit the location of callers who dial 911. Comtech’s E911 solutions facilitate compliance by identifying the assigned public service answering point (or dispatch center) and by delivering the caller’s location information to public safety personnel who can respond and provide any necessary emergency services. Comtech’s highly reliable safety and security technologies enable the successful handling of over four (4) million 911 calls and texts each month. For more than fifteen years, Comtech has continuously provided this U.S. wireless carrier with a number of safety and security solutions, including 911 call routing technologies.
  • The company believes that it is the leading provider of Single Channel per Carrier (“SCPC”) satellite earth station modems, solid-state amplifiers, and traveling wave tube amplifiers.
  • The company claims that it is the market leader for satellite ground station equipment.


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