Five ways how we are different

  • We deliver digestible actionable insights
  • Clients pay us for “insights” not for “pages”.
  • We are not in the business of pitching stock ideas.
  • We are aware of “information over load”. So, we keep it short (KISS).
Turn data into insight by connecting the dots

Data: Versartis appointed a CEO.

Insight: Versartis, Inc. (VSAR) appoints a representative of Sofinnova ventures as CEO. He was appointed by Sofinova in the past to sell its portfolio companies. Potential sale is expected.

We guess no explanation is required.

Headline driven

We try to capture critical information in headline itself. Investment professionals can click the article that interests them. Save time.

We are not pressurized to prepare report

We write report only when information is “significant”. We are not a news provider.

Of course, we are independent

We have no investment banking or accounting or Investor relation relationship with any company. Nothing clouds our judgement.