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Very few investors have the resource and inclination to research “patent rich companies”.

A few examples: 
In 2011, Carl Icahn valued Motorola’s patent to be worth $4 billion and pushed the company to sell its patent assets. Within a few months, Google acquired Motorola mostly for its patent assets.

Funds like Starboard targets companies with rich patents – AOL, Tessera Technologies etc.

In February 2012, Starboard argued that AOL’s patent could be worth $1 billion. Subsequently, in April 2012, AOL announced the sale of its patent portfolio to Microsoft Corporation for $1.056 billion in cash.

AOL owns a robust portfolio of extremely valuable and foundational intellectual property that has gone unrecognized and underutilized.  This portfolio of more than 800 patents broadly covers internet technologies with focus in areas such as secure data transit and e-commerce, travel navigation and turn-by-turn directions, search-related online advertising, real-time shopping, and shopping wish list, among many others. Since our initial public involvement in AOL, we have been approached by multiple parties specializing in intellectual property valuation and monetization, some of whom believe that (i) a significant number of large internet-related technology companies may be infringing on these patents, and (ii) AOL’s patent portfolio could produce in excess of $1 billion of licensing income if appropriately harvested and monetized. – Source: Starboard letter, 2012

The list given below could be a starting point for the research. Even though we will continue to build a database of patent rich companies, we may decide to increase the scope of the research after discussions with interested members.