| Shareholder Activism

Support services

#1 Scuttlebutt support services

Value investors can gather qualitative information about a company by speaking with customers, suppliers, vendors, competitors, industry experts, trade association executives and current/previous employees.

Scuttlebutt research process is time consuming and involves huge resource. Our team has expertise in scuttlebutt research and can save you significant time and cost.

#2 Activist research services

We have supported top tier activist hedge funds in their proxy campaign.

Takeover defense
We provide detailed analysis of the takeover defense, insider ownership, corporate governance, current investor sentiment and shareholder base and highlight the ease of securing board seat in an activist target. We highlight the interlocking relationship between the current shareholders and the management/board which could hinder activist efforts. We also alert the potential risk of removing the current top management from the company.

Profiling the shareholders

We analyze the shareholder base and provide detailed analysis of each of the shareholders. We highlight the list of shareholders who support activists and generate key contact information of the shareholders.

Investor presentation
We have vast experience in creating investor presentation and shareholder letter. Our investor presentation has aided the effort of activist investors in garnering support from Institutional Shareholder Services, Inc. (ISS) and from the shareholders.

#3 Management/board background research

We can perform diligence on management team and board members using publicly available information. We report professional achievements, red flags and other critical information.


#4 Customized 13F-HR screening

13F-HR filings are a great place to find investment ideas. We carry out customized research of 13F filings for our clients.

#5 Portfolio Monitoring

We offer portfolio monitoring services to our clients. We track portfolio and watch-list stocks for critical information. Our service will cut down the flow of extraneous information.