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Tools for buy-side professionals: Transcription apps used by NY times journalists


by | Nov 27, 2019

A high-quality transcription software is useful for buy-side professionals for two reasons:

(a) Scuttlebutt research or conference/trade-show notes

It is a known fact that you can talk a lot faster than you can type. But still we prefer to type. The reason is simple – an audio file is not ‘searchable’ and takes plenty of time to listen to. It would save a lot of time if a fund manager or analyst could take audio notes after a scuttlebutt call or a conference call/meeting rather than typing the entire notes.

(b) Useful during general research

While doing research, you may encounter an audio/video file – it could be a company earnings report, a conference call, a CEO interview or an industry commentary. Listening to the entire audio file may be incredibly time consuming, and it may be a lot easier to read a transcript.

Here are the options-

(a) Automatic / computer-generated transcription

(b) Human-generated transcription

1. Automatic/computer-generated transcription

a) Trint

Eric Lipton, an investigative reporter at the NY times uses Trint for transcription.

“Then if I need a quick rough transcript, I upload it to Trint, by far the best automated transcription service, at $15 for each transcribed hour of interviews. Within minutes, I can have a relatively clean transcript of an interview.”

Link: https://trint.com/

b) Temi

Erin Griffith, a NY Times journalist, uses Temi for transcription.

“To transcribe interviews, I use Temi, a service that relies on artificial intelligence. The quality is not great, but it is very cheap.”

Link: https://www.temi.com/

2. Human-powered transcription

a) Rev app

The turnaround time is 12 hours. With over 50,000 professionals, the company provides a 24/7 transcription service.

Conor Dougherty, an economics reporter at The New York Times, uses Rev app for transcription.

“I also interview a lot of people and lately have developed an expensive addiction to transcription apps. I’ve tried several, but the one I use the most is Rev. – Source

Link: https://www.rev.com/transcription

b) Scribie

Unlike Rev, Scribie’s turnaround time is 36 hours. They also have an automated service. Link: https://scribie.com/


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